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The Way of the Peaceful Birther  

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Self-Medicated Mayhem & Good Natured Debauchery, by Mark F. Hunter

Coming of age tales of sex, drugs and rock n' roll from the road. Tour with Mark Hunter as he travels on a voyage of self-discovery while crewing for a rock band. From his innocent introduction in the adventurous life of sex, drugs and rock n' roll, Hunter comes out the other side not unscathed but not destroyed, either.

From Robert Leleux, author of The Memoirs of a Beautiful Boy:

"Mark F. Hunter has lived a dream life of sex, drugs and 'the road' - privy to the kind of exploits and debaucheries of which most of us only fantasize. That he lived to tell the tale is extraordinary, but that he tells it with such charm, grace, and humor is a miracle. Readers will buy Self-Medicated Mayhem for its glimpse inside the royal court of rock, but they'll leave touched by it's author's warmth, wisdom, and sanity."

From Ryan Weaver, author of Will the Real Marshall Mathers Please Stand Up

"Hunter's non-conventionalism is a large part of what engages the reader. The author's style reveals an honesty that is often missing from the work of more experienced writers." [FULL REVIEW]


Available through: SOTEP, Amazon

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